Anna Reading's Globital Archive


I  write books and plays about memories and imaginaries that matter. I live in London, UK with my partner,  a  narrative designer and academic, and our two children.   I'm a Professor in Cultural and Creative Industries  at King's College, London and am  Honorary  Visiting Professor at the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University and a Research Associate at Glasgow University.


I have led the international development of Memory Studies, with expertise in gender and memory, with  seven books as author and editor including Gender and Memory in the Globital Age (2016, Palgrave)   Cultural Memories of Nonviolent Struggle: Powerful Times (2015 Palgrave) The Social Inheritance of the Holocaust (Macmillan, 2002) and Polish Women, Solidarity and Feminism (1992, Macmillan).


My academic work springs from on-the-ground work supporting peace and gender equality, contributing to international debate on a right to memory and the role of storytelling in restitution.


I combine academic writing and teaching with writing plays. My creative work disrupts conventional theatrical forms while developing public conversations around subjects that include incest and child sexual abuse, dictatorship and revolution, rape and domestic violence,   homelessness and the banking system, crime and punishment,  sexuality, mental illness and care of the elderly, and the mainstreaming of violent pornography. My current work addresses the rise of fascism in Europe.


I co-founded the feminist theatre company Strip Search Theatre in 1987. My plays Kiss Punch Goodnight, Want, Grandma's Garden, The Stoning, Hardcore, Falling, and RP35 have been performed in the UK, US, Ireland, Poland and India. Cacti Hearts had a public reading in the UK  and To My Dearest Daughter has been performed in the UK and Finland;  and published in English and Finnish.  My new play Churchill (2017) has had a short reading in Estonia in March, 2017 and is currently being further developed.


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