Anna Reading: Plays and Performances

Co-founder of feminist company Strip Search Theatre, 1987. Author of eight playscripts commissioned and performed by different theatre companies in the UK, Poland, India, Ireland and the US.   Key works include Kiss Punch Goodnight, Want, Hard-Core, Grandma's Garden, The Stoning, Falling, RP35 and Cacti Hearts  and To My Dearest Daughter (2014). Theatre work referenced in Aleks Siertz, In Yer Face Theatre: British Theatre in the 1990s ; Plays by Women, Volume 7 edited by Michelene Wandor and Mary Remnant and Christina Wald’s Hysteria, Trauma and Melancholia: Performative Maladies in Contemporary Anglophone Drama (2007).  The gallery includes memory traces of play productions: photos, reviews, fragments of scripts, and posters. See current projects, Phenomenal People. 

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