Anna Reading: Current Projects



(RE) MIXING (DE) HUMANISATION  Developing virtual reality migration stories for hard to reach audiences. Museum of Migration, UK and Museum of Migration, Adelaide. Builds on  Moving Hearts - a participatory art project with Penny Ryan.


FUTURE MEMORY Memories and imaginaries of totalitarianism, climate change, and migration. See also keynote, Memories of the Future


NEUROQUEERING MEMORY New research for a book on neurodiversity, communication and memory. See Conference Panel at International Memory Studies, Madrid 2019 and open access article


CRAFTING Chinese-British Memory Through Storytelling, Materiality and Art edited collection with Chinese and British authors, with Katherine Swancutt (Kings College) Yang Yang (SJTU, Shanghai)


REACH - transforming King's Arts and Humanities Research Institute through socially engaged research.






SB-PP-Fuel-586 photo

Photograph, Docuprotest. International Site of Conscience

Paramatta Girls Home, Sydney Australia.

My Home is Your HOme

Moving Hearts - memory activist project Migration and Belonging