Anna Reading: Projects



Phenomenal People a global digital and live theatre project with Fuel Theatre with live performances and a digital archive of memories. You can upload your own digital memories of famous, less known or unknown phenomenal women here.


SItes of Conscience: Parragirls: Work with project in Parramatta, Sydney to document the oldest continuous site of female containment in Australia as part of campaign to recreate it as a site of conscience with education centre and museum.


Begin Again: Story Telling and Restitution. A series of talks and performances examining the importance of story-telling to restitution after conflict, violence and atrocity.  


Mining Memories:  an international  project seeking to examine transformations of labour and environments related to the mining of rare earths for the electronics industry.


Gender and Memory in the Globital Age- a new book  in production with Palgrave Macmillan about the ways in which  globalisation and digitisation are changing human memories to create an unevenly accessed globital memory field that reaches from inside our bodies to the far reaches of the Universe.